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Week 2 Self Care Challenge

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Yoga is a great way to care for yourself.
It benefits the body and the mind.
When practicing yoga you are allowing yourself time to focus and heal.
In our busy, stressful world, we all need a little more time for ourselves, time to relax and release and let go.

Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. It offers the powerful benefits of exercise. Yoga is gentle, so almost anyone can do it.

There are many health benefits of yoga.

• Corrects back posture while reducing back pain
• Improves focus
• Calms brain activity to improve sleep patterns
• Releases pent-up muscle tension
• Reduces severity of anxiety and depression
• Stimulates important brain functioning for improved critical thinking skills
• Increases flexibility by supporting connective tissues
• Improves strength and balance
• Enhances immune system performance

Another great thing about yoga is you can do it nearly anywhere.

Yoga Accessories:

  1. Yoga Mat: Mats provide padding, friction, and enhanced safety when doing yoga positions. It is important for the feet to get good grounding so choose a good mat that supports this.
  2. Foam Block: Foam blocks are used for beginners to extend their reach. Foam blocks should be dense enough to support your full weight.
  3. Yoga Belt: Made of cotton or nylon, these wide belts help support and align your back and also to extend your grasp. They really aid in the stretching of your muscles especially the hamstrings

What to wear:

Choose pieces that are flexible and will move with you while keeping you covered. Avoid anything restrictive or uncomfortable as it can be distracting and take you out of the moment. Instead, opt for fitted designs with plenty of stretch in fabrics that are soft and breathable, such cotton, bamboo or jersey.

Tanks can be great for yoga as they provide you with unrestricted arm movement. It’s best to avoid any that are too loose. As yoga often requires upside down or angled movement, any tops that are too loose will bunch up and move around. This can also be distracting, annoying, and it may even block your vision. To avoid this issue, you should choose singlets and tank tops that fit snugly and stay in place.

Yoga pants are comfortable and stretchable this will provide you with a full range of movement.  The material will also absorb any sweat, making it easier to maintain certain poses. Be sure to choose a pair with quick-drying fabric to ensure a comfortable session.

For ladies, a good sports bra is important to having a successful yoga session, particularly if you’re big busted. Picking one that supports and holds you is a must.

To start out I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene 
She has many videos ranging from beginner level to advance and for almost every health issue.
Some of her videos are only a few minutes but man do they work!

Yoga has been a huge benefit to my health.
I hope that you will try it and let me know how it goes!


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