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Super Easy $1 Castile Soap

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I’ve been paying $15 sometimes more for liquid castile soap.
Now it does last me a long time, BUT $1??
I could have saved hundreds by now…Well, I’m saving now and YOU CAN TOO!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I do not like D.I.Y. projects. But, if it’s easy and saves me money then I’m all about it and I’m going to tell everyone.

So here it is, Super Easy $1 Castile Soap. Prepare to kick yourself for not doing this sooner.

Moma♥Thrifts Super Easy Castile Soap

1 Bar of Kirk’s Castile Soap
8 Cups Boiling Filtered Water
Container to Store Soap
*Essential Oils if you’d like a scent. (Unless using an already scented bar)

Grate bar of soap into a large bowl. I used a large glass measuring cup. Made it easy to pour when soap was done.
Pour boiling water over flakes and add essential oil, if you’re using. Whisk. Let cool then pour into containers.

Super Easy $1 Castile Soap Moma Thrift

Now be amazed how much more soap you get for $1.
I filled a 32oz Dr. Bonner’s container, 3/4 of a mason jar and made 3 foaming hand soaps.

I got 3 bars of Kirk’s Castile soap from Walmart for $2.98. If you have to have Dr. Bonner’s brand then it would be more like $5 to make your liquid soap.
Either way, you cannot beat the savings. And you are not sacrificing quality.

Have you made liquid castile soap?
I’d love to hear if you have your own version.


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