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Shake It Off


Is your day making your head spin?

· Have kids pushed you WAY across your line?
· Maybe you woke up late or never fell asleep.
· You find out you’re out of life’s nectar, COFFEE!!
· The dog ate your phone charger.
· You made the mistake of watching or reading the news.
· There’s no clean laundry.
· You put too many activities in one day.
· You found out your spouse is deploying, going TDY, or on a business trip.
· You lost a loved one.
· Lost a job.

Whatever it is I encourage you to find a way to SHAKE IT OFF.
For the kids and myself it’s literally blasting Taylor Swift’s – Shake It Off on the stereo, TV, computer, whatever.
We put it on repeat if need be. It’s not really my genre of music but it works.
The kids get distracted from whatever mad hell they were raining down on earth.
We dance, we sing at the top of our lungs. We do it together.
It takes us away from it all for a few minutes. And that’s what you need, to take yourself away.



You don’t have to do it our way.

  • Take A Walk
  • Watch Your Favorite Show
  • Read A Book
  • Exercise
  • Pray – Meditate
  • Call A Friend
  • Hug It Out
  • Have A Cup Of Tea
  • Sniff Your Favorite Essential Oil
  • Take A Bath

**I do not recommend  huffing down cake, candy bars, a glass of wine etc. While all that does help dump a bunch of serotonin and make you “feel good” it is temporary and you’ll end up feeling like you hit a brick wall later.





We all need a way to Shake It Off.
A go to when it all hits the fan.
Find something that you know you can count on.
Make sure others know what it is so they let you have that time or participate along with you.
And if you don’t have a specific go to picked out for today feel free to use ours.
Check out my Pinterest Boards for more info on ideas listed above.
I have also included the Supernatural Parody version as well for all those that can’t stand Taylor Swift 😉

Have a great day Y’all!
Share if it helped you at all. Leave me some feedback on what you thought of the post.
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