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What raising 4 kids has taught me, so far.

Nothing will be perfect, and that’s ok.
When we stop trying to make everything perfect we realize that things are actually quite perfect the way they are. And we can find joy in the imperfections.

All children are different.
Each child you have will be a different experience.

People will try and get you to do it “the right way” their way.
They do not know what works for you and you have the right to be different.

Being different is not only ok but so much more fun.

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The years fly by. Stop trying to do it all, make everything perfect.
Enjoy every moment for what it is.

The little finger prints won’t last forever.
Let them stick around and enjoy them while you can.

Every stage goes quickly.
Enjoy the diaper days. They only last a short while.
Diapers mean there’s a cute baby in the home to snuggle.

They won’t remember what gifts they got for Christmas.
But they will remember what you did together that day and the attitude you had.

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Take walks, they talk and talk on walks and you will cherish those stories.

Let them take turns running errands with you. They love the attention and you get to hear more great stories.

5 year olds have the best stories and one-liners.

You will deal with poo. Being a parent basically means you will become a janitor. Poo, all the time.

Buying less and spending more time together makes everyone happier.

Do It Yourself makes everyone appreciate more.

Moma Thrift

You are stronger and more capable than you ever gave yourself credit for.

Kids need their parents to have unconditional love for each other. Your marriage should come first because your kids need to see a safe and thriving relationship. This is how they learn to love.

They don’t care what you look like they just want you there. And they think you’re beautiful no matter what.

You don’t have to be a great chef to make kids happy but they do love helping and will enjoy eating anything they help cook.

Because kids love helping, you should give them a job. It keeps them busy. A busy kid stays out of trouble and they learn while on the job.

Moma Thrift

I have many years of Momming left and I hear that being a Grandma is the icing on the cake. I know I have a lot more to learn. But so far what I’ve really learned is that being a Moma is the just the best thing ever 🙂


Are you a Moma?
What have you learned from your kiddos?


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