Gentle Detox Plan

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As the Holidays are wrapping up most of us will be in need of a good detox.
As an MTHFR’er I need to detox regularly.
What I have learned from years of having to help my body detox is that the gentle method is the way to go.

PLEASE do not try and rush your body through a detox.
Unfortunately, there are many unreliable sources that tell you how to detox in dramatic ways which are harmful and shocking to your system.

Help detox your body naturally with these easy steps.

benefits of water

This is a bit obvious but sometimes we need a reminder. Drinking enough during your detox is critical! You want to move toxins out of your body as quickly as possible. Drinking enough will also help if you are having headaches during your detox. To determine how much water you need each day, divide your body weight in half. The answer is the approximate number of water ounces you should drink daily.

Start each morning with a warm glass of lemon water. Warm 1 cup of filtered water and squeeze up to half a lemon. It is best to start with about a teaspoon and work your way up to half a lemon. If you do not have a lemon on hand, you can also use 1 teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar. Add a pinch of sea salt, if desired, to support your metabolism.

Adding some herbal tea can boost your detox just make sure to choose herbal teas that both detox and nourish your body. Dandelion Root Tea is a great place to start. Dandelions have an excellent reputation as a detoxifier, blood cleanser, stimulant and digestive aid. They act as a liver tonic, removing toxins while stimulating the kidneys to ensure that toxins are rapidly eliminated. The fact that bile is cleared out, promotes better digestion and discourages the formation of gallstones.

2. Dry Skin Brushing
The skin is the largest detoxing organ of the body. Dry brushing increases circulation which supports the discharge of metabolic wastes. It purifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic system to drain toxins into the colon. It clears clogged pores, improves muscle tone and rejuvenates the nervous system. Dry skin brushing will smooth your skin and is known to help reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

How to Dry Skin Brush:
1. Stand in a bathtub to catch the falling skin.

3. Begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving in long sweeping motions toward your heart. Always brush toward your heart.

4. Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go.

5. Take care as you brush over more sensitive areas, like breasts. Your skin will become less sensitive the more you dry brush.

6. Once you’ve brushed your entire body, jump in the shower. (I like to alternate between the hottest water temperature I can tolerate and the coldest. This stimulates blood circulation, bringing more blood to the top layers of the skin.)

7. After getting out of the shower, pat dry skin and apply a moisturizer. Make sure to use a natural moisturizer to stay clear of toxins.

8. Continue to dry brush your entire body every day. Remember to clean your brush with soap and water once a week. Leave to dry in a clean, sunny spot to avoid any mildew accumulation on your brush.

My favorite dry brush.

3. Rebounding
Jump on a trampoline 10-20 minutes each day. This doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout–your feet don’t even need to leave the trampoline. Rebounding supports the lymphatic system, the series of vessels that eliminate toxins from your body. Because the lymph system does not have a pump (like the cardiovascular system), we have to keep the lymphatic fluid flowing through movement. Bouncing and jumping are effective ways to stimulate lymph flow.


detox bath


4. Detox Baths
Hot water draws toxins to the surface of the skin. Then, as the water gradually cools down, the toxins are pulled into the water via the principle of osmosis – the weak energy from the cooling water draws from the strong energy from the body heated up initially by the very hot water. The scientific name for epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium and sulfur are both critical nutrients but surprisingly can be poorly absorbed from our food. Soaking in epsom salts overcomes this problem as these minerals both absorb readily via the skin. According to the Epsom Salt Industry Council, a simple soak is beneficial to the heart and circulatory health, can lower blood pressure, helps ease muscle pain and eliminates harmful substances from the body. It also improves nerve function by encouraging proper regulation of electrolytes.

Fill your tub with hot water add epsom salt, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1TBS ground ginger. If you have sensitive skin you can skip ginger or start with a lower dose. You can also add 7-10 drops lavender essential oil. I suggest adding the oil to the salt and letting it sit a few minutes before adding to the tub. This way if you have sensitive skin it will not burn.

Soak in the tub for 40 minutes.  The first 20 minutes help your body remove the toxins, while the second 20 minutes are for absorbing the minerals in the water

The ginger will make you sweat so be sure to drink plenty of water during and after the bath.

Epsom Amounts:

  • For children under 60 lbs, add 1/2 cup to a standard bath.
  • For children 60 lbs to 100 lbs, add 1 cup to a standard bath.
  • For people 100 lbs and up, add 2 cups or more to a standard bath.


These are simple, gentle yet powerful ways to detox your body, safely.
Drink your water, rebound, dry skin brush daily. I like to have a detox bath twice a week.
Do what feels best for your body though. We are all different.

Let me know how this detox method works for you!


safe gentle natural detox

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  1. Detox baths are my favorite! I’m also going to try dry brushing. However, rebounding will have to wait until I don’t have a downstairs neighbor haha.

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