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DIY Dryer Balls for the Frugal Moma

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Why make your own dryer balls?
Because more than likely you already have the materials, they help your clothing dry faster, they’re very inexpensive, you save money by not buying dryer sheets and because they’re non-toxic! Dryer sheets are so toxic please ditch them!


When we started ditching toxic chemicals in our home one of the things I started replacing first was our soaps. Cleaning, body, laundry.
Then I realized what good was making our own non-toxic laundry detergent if I was throwing in a nasty dryer sheet after washing the clothing?
So I started looking for alternatives. I came across wool dryer balls. We bought the highest rated wool dryer balls on the internet and they lasted maybe a couple months. Honestly, I did not feel they helped dry our clothing any faster and they got kinda icky looking pretty fast. So I started looking around for other options and found out that you could use your old socks and some essential oil. I was pretty excited…Ya, I’m one of those weird crunchy house moms that get excited over stuff like this lol. Anyway, I already had everything we needed to make some so why not try it out.

I made 4 balls out of 8 pairs of crew cut socks that I didn’t like anyway and some lavender oil. We have recently changed up our scents for our detergent and the dryer balls to lemongrass and really enjoy it. So play around with scent to see what you enjoy.

DIY Dryer Balls with Moma Thrift

So to make the balls you basically roll the first sock up like a jelly roll all the way up and then tuck it into the cuff.
Then you want to take the essential oil and add 15-20 drops onto that sock.
Place the first sock with the oil into the second sock and then you basically twist and stuff it inside of itself over and over until the sock is in the form of a ball.  Now you can use just this ball to help scent the entire load but I usually use 4 balls, 1 scented and 3 without to help dry the load quicker.

Another perk of these dryer balls is that they help with static. Which is so helpful for Midwest winters!

They have cut the drying time of my daughter’s cloth diapers IN HALF!

There really is no con to using these dryer balls. Like I said you probably have the materials already so I dare you to try it out.
Let me know how it works for you.

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11 thoughts on “DIY Dryer Balls for the Frugal Moma

  1. I did not know that dryer sheets are toxic! Thanks for sharing that. I also don’t currently use drier balls for my laundry, but now I’m definitely considering it! They’re super easy to make, and I actually do have all the items at my house!

  2. Oooh this sounds interesting! I’m going to try this out. Wonder how long the oil lasts in the sock or how often do you have to “reload” it lol ? I’d try anything that would help speed laundry day up lol 😉💕

    1. There are 6 of us and we cloth diaper so we do a minimum of 3 loads a day. I would say I add more once a month. Sometimes more but we do a ton of laundry lol

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