Ultimate Gift Guide for the Coffee Lover!

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Are you looking for a gift for a coffee lover?
Let me help you out as a coffee lover myself.
This is a list of items I have used and love as well as a few items on my wishlist.
Click any pic in this post to take you to more info on the item.

First off I’ll start with the obvious…COFFEE.
This is the brand we love and use the most. Pairs well with a Moka Pot.

Here is a great Whole Bean option


Moka Pot
An easy and never disappointing way to make coffee. And isn’t it so cute!
Very easy to take care of.


Coffee Grinder
Here we have a very attractive Manual Grinder

And a Burr Automatic Grinder


Coffee Mugs

Regular Mugs


Travel Mugs


Coffee Press

Beautiful stainless steal and comes with extras.


K-Cup Holder


Keurig Coffee Maker


Good Old Fashioned Coffee Pot


Pour Over Coffee


Turkish Coffee Kit


Coffee Themed Clothing


Coffee Kitchen Decor


Just Cute Coffee Thingys


Whew…well I think this is a pretty good list for a coffee lover.
Have you tried and of these?
Any you would like on your wish list?



I'd love to hear from you!