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Cloth Diaper Sprayer Shield for $5 

So we finally got to the point where we needed a sprayer shield for the cloth diapers. But I wasn’t about to drop $25. I’m not a big D.I.Y type person, but if I can find the items needed easily and it takes almost no time at all then I’ll give it a try. Basically, if I can do something, anyone can.

From the time I decided we needed the shield to the time I finished this post was 1 hr. So it really is that simple.

plastic clipboard, duck tape, plastic folder

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Items you need:

  • Plastic Clipboard
  • Plastic folder
  • Duck Tape

Make sure to attach the folder to the clipboard so that the folder is flipped inside out, otherwise you’ll get poo stuck in the slots.

cloth diaper sprayer shieldcloth diaper sprayer shield


The shield is working very well for us. I’ll be back for an update as time goes by.
If you are not the D.I.Y. type here is the original Spray Pal.

Do you use a sprayer shield? How well has it worked for you?
I’d love to hear from you.




I'd love to hear from you!