30 Day Challenges

Challenge Yourself in 2018.

January 1st is right around the corner.
Time for New Year Resolutions.
While I am not really big on resolutions. I do like a good challenge.
As some of you know I have been battling many Autoimmune Diseases.
I recently found out I am basically fighting for my life. My future was not looking at all the way I want it to. I do not want to be a fragile boring Moma or hopefully one day Mamaw.
So I started challenging myself. No more recliner ridden days.
I started slow. One week at a time. And when the week past I tried two and so on until I got to where I could do 30 day challenges. Whatever I challenged myself to usually stuck and just became day to day. But those first 30 days really helped make it a habit.

I have done quite a few challenges.
No Sugar, Walking, Running, Rebounding, Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Squats, Water and Healthy Eating….
I can honestly say each challenge was worth it. They pushed me, they broke me lol, they changed me.
I am a stronger and more confident person for having gone through them.

I will share my challenges with you this year. And I hope you join me and let me be a part of them. We all deserve to LIVE and enjoy our lives. Challenging yourself will allow you to really get in touch with who you are. To give you a different look at your life and to make you a stronger more grateful person.

Here are a few Challengers to start out with.

If you want to start slow and get to know yourself. Put your feelers out for what type of challenges you would like to do in the future, start with this 30 Day Self Care Challenge.

If you are ready to dive into physical health but need to start slow, try this 30 Day Walking Challenge.

Want a great physically demanding challenge? Go for the 30 Day Full Body Strength Challenge.

You do not need any equipment and these challenges will cost you nothing.
So no excuses!

Mark your calendar. And if January 1st has come and gone when you find this post. Start now 🙂
Do not put yourself off, you deserve time for yourself. To build your strength emotionally, and physically. Share with a friend or family member. Challenges are great in pairs or groups!

Please let me know how it is going so I can cheer you on!

30 Day Challenge

I'd love to hear from you!