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30 Day Walk Challenge

It’s time again for a new 30 Day Challenge!
This month I will be doing a 30 Day Walk Challenge.
My kids are actually excited to do this with me.
I chose this one because I’ve had quite a few friends and family members saying they need to start something and honestly walking is a great place to start! It can be done in the home, outside and at many levels.

We will be doing our walk with Leslie Sansone.
I have been working out to Leslie Sansone videos for 10 years now and LOVE IT!
She is always putting out new videos, keeping things new and fun.
I started out with the 1 mile many years ago and have had to go back to it after each cesarean but I can tell you her videos work wonders!
Just read her reviews. She has helped many people lose weight and get in shape safely.

The videos we use also utilize work out bands and hand weights if you want to tighten & tone. You DO NOT have to use them. Walking by itself has many benefits. You can always add those later if you would like. I prefer the band to the weights. I feel like it gets really deep into muscle and it has helped with my back pain.

I am also including a 10,000 Step Challenge and a simple Walking Challenge Graphic for those who also want to get outside.
You could also use it on a treadmill.

Walking has so many benefits

  • walking releases endorphins which help with mood. Anxiety, Depression, Anger etc.
  • helps with weight management
  • helps prevent osteoporosis
  • helps with balance and pain management do to arthritis
  • improves respiratory system
  • enhances glycemic control
  • improves brain function
  • strengthens bone
  • enhances blood circulation
  • helps with insomnia and sleep issues
  • promotes a healthy heart

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We cannot wait to start our challenge together tomorrow!
Please let us know if you will be joining and keep us updated on your progress!
You can keep us updated on this site or follow along on Facebook. Drop your photos and encourage others!
Good luck Y’all!

I'd love to hear from you!