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30 Day Full Body Strength Challenge

I started a 30 Day Full Body Strength Challenge yesterday and thought
hey, why not share so others can do the challenge too.
August has 31 days so y’all still have the opportunity to join me this month.

I love 30-day challenges because you can do something completely new each month to shake things up so you don’t get bored.

Last month I did a 7’s challenge and it was pretty challenging. The kids did it along with me and loved it!
This month I wanted to keep with a full body challenge just change up some of the exercises to work different areas.
I don’t like to do too many different moves so it stays pretty easy to remember and it’s easier to fit into my day.
You don’t want to make challenges to time-consuming or you may not be able to fit it in.
Also, I find it helps if you don’t need any fancy equipment and choose moves that can be done at home without having to set up or figure out where your kids hid your exercise band and hand weights.

So for this month, I kept it simple.
No weights, no bands and you really don’t even need mat…or even shoes.

This challenge is pretty straightforward.
I will link how-to videos for each exercise so you know if you are doing each move properly.
You can always do more or less of each exercise if it is too easy or too difficult.

Let me know if you have started the challenge and keep me updated on how it’s going for you!


I recommend watching the how to videos. Just click the links below 🙂

Jumping Jacks
Push Ups
Wall Sit


8 thoughts on “30 Day Full Body Strength Challenge

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is important to stay active and you are so right about switching it up! Staying on the same routine is where someone lose interest and give up!

  2. This looks great! I just had a baby, but when the time comes to get rid of the baby weight I just might use this! Thanks.

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